Beautiful beach locations in East Lothian to celebrate your Wedding Day.

Often taken for granted what is right on our doorstep. East Lothian has some beautiful beach locations for your wedding celebrations, be it on the day or leading up to your wedding day. A chance to gather with family and friends to mark your special occasion. I know the weather's not always ideal, at times unpredictable, however if the forecast looks promising why not get down and have a pre-wedding barbecue with loved ones, or take the opportunity to have some relaxed romantic shots taken as you stroll along the beach at sun set. Role those trowser legs up and take a dip in the shallows as part of your engagement shoot....well worth the effort.

One venue, opening up this summer, with great beach access is the Marine North Berwick. It's always been a favourite wedding venue of mine. Over the years the staff I've worked with have been terrific and really gone that extra mile to ensure couples have a fantastic wedding day so I'm sure with new owners, revamped decor and numerous other upgrades, although like everyone else I haven't seen the finished renovations, it's got to be worth checking out as a possible for your wedding venue.

Set over looking the Forth in the seaside town of North Berwick the hotel has easy access to the beach so you and your wedding guests can head down there for a few drinks after your ceremony, or perhaps consider holding your ceremony on the beach. Of course it is Scotland so being blessed with changeable weather ensuring you have a Plan B on standby is a must.

Not all venues are fortunate to have such good access to the beach however there are many stunning venues up and down the coast which, with a little planning, will let you take advantage of the beautiful beaches East Lothian has to offer.

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