East Lothian for your wedding day

This shot was taken a number of years ago but I have always loved it with the Bass Rock and Tantallon Castle as the backdrop.

You will see other images similar to this taken by other photographers over the last 20 years but not with this couple, at this spot, on their wedding day! As a wedding photographer you are not trying to re-invent the wheel, you, like all good craftsmen, are trying to improve on it.

For me wedding photography is about combining classic wedding images with contemporary influences that tell the story of the day by capturing beautiful imagery that reflects the individuality of each couple's wedding day.

This image of a beautiful couple on the day of their wedding captured in one shot the story of their day. They gave their vows in a beautiful marquee by Tantallon Castle in the presence of family and friends (you can just make out the marquee in the image), then, whilst guests enjoyed exploring the Castle, had their wedding photographs taken, taking advantage of this stunning location and historical backdrop.

A quick stop off on the way to the wedding reception allowed us to capture this shot with the Bass Rock and Tantallon Castle in the background. So many memories held within one image - the piper playing as they arrived and walked down the aisle, the romantic and loving vows, the drink, laughter and chat with friends and family, the walk around the castle as wedding photographs were taken, the views of the Forth and historical Castle, stunning weather on the day....and much, much more!

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